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Positions Vacant: Video Editor

Due to overwhelming demand we would like more resources. To achieve this, we want to openly offer you the opportunity to get involved. We also want to spread the significant workload a little in doing what we do. Person Description: Need to be willing to listen and learn, ruthless work ethic, love hoops. IT knowledge is helpful as is in depth knowledge in basketball (or willingness to learn). We greatly value diversity and do not discriminate on age, gender, religion or race. Preferably you will be based in South Australia but we could work with someone remotely too. Benefits: We offer no money (We will not charge athletes for our work in this area), no career direction (unless you wante

Selecting featured athletes for highperformancehoopsnetwork.com

SELECTION CRITERIA PLUS DOING THE RIGHT THING = FEATURED ATHLETE For junior players and their parents with aspirations of being an elite, Division 1 college player this article highlights in detail how we would list you (or your child if you are a parent reading this) as a featured athlete as well as provide you with all of the associated exposure, networks, input, support and guidance. As mentioned in the blog "A global focus on South Australian Basketball" Div 1 college basketball at all levels are showing an interest in talent in South Australia. Eventhough it is a LOT of work, it is great to have had the opportunity to be involved and I hope that all in SA's basketball community see thi

Top 10 Blog Posts for 2016

www.highperformancehoopsnetwork.com has been running since late May 2016. It was primarly setup to provide visibility in the US for the athletes I have been lucky to work very closely with as their coach and ongoing supporter, mentor and friend. I also wanted to provide the college coaches I speak to, many of whom I have not met in person, some idea on who I am what I am about, in order to build trust and credibility amongst the coaches in the US. I tried some blogs to help get visibility for the athletes as well as educate and inspire those in the local basketball community. Looking back these blogs collectively provide a great library of information and I hope over time they continue to

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