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The first All-Asia Basketball without Borders in Australia: An Athlete’s Perspective Q&A, By Owe

Forward by Janx…… Norwood Flames, and South Australian, Class of 2018 player, Owen Hulland, was a guy we felt could explode at the recent U18 Australian National Championships and we had made it clear that we felt he had only just begun to find his ceiling in the lead up. During the week of the championships he dominated for the state of South Australia men, and was a great man to have in the team on and off the floor. Appreciated by all his team mates and coaches for his positive attitude, desire to improve and coachability, but most of all to take every challenge put before him in his stride. He showed in this tournament he has the makings to be in the upper echelon of talent Australia ha

So you want to be an AIS athlete: Janx' view on what it takes

Alex Mudronja and Owen Hulland in the pic above. No idea what they are doing with their fingers?!?!?!? A talent factory forming in South Australia In the coming few years, South Australian Basketball has the chance to gain international acclaim as a talent factory. Never has there been the combination this level of talent and international interest in our talented kids. These guys have a lot of work still to do to achieve this lofty statement but I know they can do that. This week we take another leap forward. All involved should be proud, coaches, families, administrators and supporters. Their team mates and of course these player's themselves deserve congratulations for their dedicati

What top College Coaches look for - real insights

Jacob Rigoni, Lat Mayen, Isaac White (more info here): 3 talented individuals heavily recruited for their character traits as well as their basketball talents. What do College Coaches look for? In the US, every coach is different, every school is different. This is one of the exciting things about our sport in the US, it is so much bigger than Australia. Australia has a pathway that is very, very small indeed in comparison. As you move higher up the pathway less and less people's opinion on you matter in Australia. That is not to say the people making assessments are poor at it, because they are not, they know how to identify talent in most cases. They have ability to identify and harnes

By Jon Dyer | How I taught my son to shoot:  a parent's and coaches' guide

Prelude by Janx Over the coming months I am very excited that I will be enlisting some guest bloggers. This is very exciting indeed. I will leverage some great people I know to provide highly specialised insights into areas of interest for broader audiences. I wanted to get a blog up for parents and coaches alike who are looking to support their athletes/children become better shooters and I could think of no one better to do this than Jon Dyer. Even if you are a coach, with your own children, that you want to help, then Jon will provide some great insights for sure. I've recently met Jon and gotten to know what a great basketball guy he is. With a strong passion for the game, he has play

Importance and process to individual goal setting

^^^ Daniel Carlin, pictured above dunking at the first ever U17 World Championships, was a goal setter, achieving so much, and a great man to work with. Background In December 2009 I was appointed Director of Coaching at Central Districts Lions. At the time it would be fair to say the club was ailing on and off the floor. Virtually defunct, with roughly 25 girls and 60 boys playing in the club. There were 2 boys teams and 1 girls team in div 1 and those teams were struggling. Fortunately a great new Executive of switched on people were coming on board at that time too with a vision to the club into a powerhouse, we shared that vision. Throughout the state those in basketball said there w

Ben Carter makes Adidas Uprising Tour

Congratulations to featured athlete Ben Carter who has made the team to go on the Adidas Uprising Tour to the United States in a couple of months. The team is coached by former NBA player Randy Livingston and will be playing in Las Vegas. Ben was dominating for the South Australian Metro U18 Men, at the Australian National U18 Championships in April, before going down with an ankle injury in the the 4th game putting him out for the week. He had done a huge amount of work to get ready for the tournament so it was very disappointing, and a big loss for his team, when he went down. He still hung tough and was an asset for the boys in a number of areas throughout the tournament which showed gr

Great coaching teams

First of all. Massive rookie mistake. In my last blog, what is Janx'Ball, I said: When you are risk averse , you build supreme confidence in players, the players have a vision for their future and you teach them HOW to play, not WHAT to play that is JanxBall. This was a typo, well poor understanding of the english langauge actually. I meant to say (and have now changed it to say): When you are willing to take risks, allow risks, you build supreme confidence in players, the players have a vision for their future and you teach them HOW to play, not WHAT to play that is JanxBall. Second of all: Don't forget to subscribe (see link in top right) to get updates on the athletes and also these

Premier League Interview with Isaac White

Great interview with featured athlete Isaac White. Some insights into his amazing work ethic and approach to getting better everyday. His work ethic and attitude is contagious and is one of the reasons why he is a proven winner wherever plays. Sabres having a great year as always under the brilliant leadership of Coach Paul Rigoni. So excited for this group. Jacob Rigoni, Isaac's long time team mate, is also playing some great basketball. I've had the luxury to work with both Isaac and Jacob alot, phenomenal young men, during possibly their greatest development phase so far, into two of the best class of 2017 prospects in Australia today. See "Athletes" page for info on White and Rigoni: h

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