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By Brent Reilly | My story as a former pro-AFL football player and some tools and methods to support

Coach Janx has written this blog with help from Brent Reilly. I was recently asked to provide a paper to our National Intensive Training Program (NITP) athletes to help advise them on overcoming adversity. Whilst writing the paper this video was going viral by Geno Auriemma (Head Coach of UCONN Huskies Women’s team): Geno talks about resilience, enthusiasm, body language and what he looks for that when recruiting athletes. I agree! I hope this blog and story helps readers think about the importance of resilience and how those in the public eye that seem to have the world at their feet have almost always faced significant challenges and hardship to get to where they are. Whilst watching t

By Scott Whitmore | Our story and journey to become National Champions

Preface by Janx..... Video: Highlights from the South Australia Men's team at U20 National Championships. “Soo pumped!!! Our whole coaching staff stayed up to watch. Competitive. Tough. Fiery. Not perfect. All that matters though is winning”. One of the many texts I received after the performance of these boys. This one was from a Div 1 NCAA program which is a household name. This past month our U20 Men made history winning the National Championships, the first time SA Men have won it since 1993. The team featured 6 featured athletes from www.highperformancehoopsnetwork.com. I headed over to see the final days of the championship and had to see these guys become national champions, could

By Paul Mesecke | Men's rankings from U20 National Championships

Pictured: South Australian Team Captain and Vice Captain, Jacob Rigoni (also tournament MVP) and Isaac White, with their gold medals after winning the National Championships. The first time for SA at this level since 1993. Even though these 2 men had a stellar championship, individually, some say that these guys and their great team mates have constantly achieved the only stat that matters. Wins. You don't do that alone. They have brought their teams along with them and they had some great team mates in the 20s team. They have always done it (get those wins) , and done it at all levels. Preface by Janx In what will be a back to back, double header weekend of blogs (waiting on you Scot

Krossover Game Film Analysis, a game changer for Aussie Hoops

Thanks to my good mate Tony Casella (who also coaches with me at the Sturt Sabres) I have recently stumbled on a game changer for Aussie basketball. This product is for all the coaches and athletes dedicated to improvement and high performance. That game changer is Krossover. I recently used Krossover to breakdown gametape of our South Australian U20 men's team National Championship winning tournament. This is all going to sound like massive plug. I have no commercial benefit (in fact nothing I do with this site is for commercial benefit) to plugging this product whatsoever. I am incredibly excited by what it is going to do for me and my teams and therefore potentially other coaches at a

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