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By Joshua Lloyd | 2017 U16 National Championships From the Stats Bench

Preface by Janx.... The first year of www.highperformancehoopsnetwork.com was an immense amount of effort. It has been a great ride, with many new friendships made, most importantly seeing the guys I have coached achieve the next step of their goals and it will be even more rewarding once they start playing and winning with their respective programs. The relationships with the featured athletes, their families, college coaches and the partners and supporters in this platform makes it worth the effort. We’ve always known the why we do what we do but we are now determining the what (Blog: I have no idea "what" but I can tell you "why"). Now our platforms are in place, there is a high level

Q&A with Randy Livingston, leader of Team Asia Pacific at Adidas Summer Championships and Nation

Preface by Janx….. I’ve asked Randy Livingston to do a Q&A blog for www.highperformancehoopsnetwork.com, but before he we get to that I wanted to fill you in on the upcoming tours he is leading, and some of his extensive background, including in the NBA. This July Randy takes some of the best prospects from Australia and New Zealand to the Adidas Summer Championships tournament in Las Vegas (26-30 July), and then heads to Adidas Nations in Houston (2-6 August), where they will face some of the best high school basketball talent from around the world. Alex Mudronja and Ben Carter (both featured athletes at www.highperformancehoopsnetwork.com) will be attending both the Adidas Summer Champion

By Andrew Jantke | Introducing our 2019 Featured Athletes

We are very pleased to announce an additional TWO (2) featured athletes for the 2019 class. Before we announce them we want to provide some other information to various stakeholders. To US College Coaches - Why recruit here? I am fortunate to be appointed to roles by the leaders of the programs I coach at, Sturt Sabres and Basketball SA, to work with the best elite male youth talent in the state of South Australia. I have some of the most experienced eyes in the business, and have been directly coaching all of our nine featured athletes at various levels. I maintain great relationships with all of them and their families. Our featured athletes are consistently developing to world class l

By Alan McAughtry | Collaboration, working together and communication; when assisting elite athletes

Preface by Janx….. I’ve been fortunate lately to pick the brains of and hear insights from Alan McAughtry. He is someone who I have known of for some time having seen him in action, coaching, when I went over to Germany to watch the first ever U17 World Championships, WNBL programs, at the Melbourne Classics and National Championships over the years. He has also recently returned to Australia from a coaching stint in the NZNBL. He has vast experience coaching in the Victorian State , NITP and High Performance system and has been Director of Coaching at Diamond Valley for the past 8 years. PICTURED: In recent years Diamond Valley has had a significant number of players represent Australia, g

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