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Each of these testimonials has sent from individuals that the principal of this platform, Andrew Jantke ("Janx"), has coached, led or worked with.  We post this to demonstrate the integrity, passion, credibility and work ethic of the people involved in this platform.

"Hey Janx, just wanted to say a massive thanks for everything you have done with xx, not only with his recruiting process but as a coach and mentor as well. You without a doubt have been the biggest, and best, influence on him throughout his basketball career to date. Looking forward to thanking you in person"

- From the mother of College commit and SA state player


"Andrew’s knowledge of the game of basketball, his work ethic and his continuous positivity towards athletes on and off the court not only gives him a very good resume and a lot of success in everything he has been involved with, it has also made myself, other athletes and other coaches improve dramatically with the support he offers. Andrew has a distinctively warm approach to everyone he meets and works with and he puts a lot of effort in to make those around him better people, better coaches and better basketball players."

- From a Centre of Excellence Scholarship holder

First of all, I would like to thank and acknowledge Andrew Jantke for his ongoing support on and off the court for every athlete he has come across. Just like myself and many athletes would say his commitment to every individual person shows the kind of caring person he is as he just wants to see everyone prosper into a better person.

- From an Adelaide 36ers Development player and college commit


"He has previously held the role of coaching director at the Central Lions Basketball Club where he developed a program from the point of near extinction to a model for future development. From there he chose to focus primarily on elite level athletes at the Sturt Basketball Club. Here he was responsible for coaching and developing 5 athletes from his team into members of National Junior teams. This was despite numerous of those members not being involved in the SA NITP."

- From a top club Director of Coaching


"I feel the players took to him and developed a supreme self-belief and confidence. He knows how to lead, without micromanaging, and players and coaching staff both feel empowered, supported and confident.
Andrew is the most passionate coach I know and throw in the love of the game and the hard selfless work that he puts into every single player that he coaches is amazing."

- From a former NBL player and Assistant Coach to Janx


"I have come to develop a deep trust in Andrew and an appreciation of the contribution he makes to the lives of young people under his influence."

- From the parent of an U18 FIba Championship player for Australia, high major D1 commit


"Andrew has continued to care and support us as a family during our basketball journey. Through encouraging important coaches at high levels in Australia or USA College Coaches to look at our son and his value as a player, taking a continued interest in his development and pathway and being an ear to listen and help make things clearer for us as a basketball mentor."

- From the parent of a current D1 commit and U19 National Squad member


"The rise of the boys' proram at Centrals has been nothing short of spectacular.  While it takes a team of people to achieve such a transformational result, Andrew has been absolutely integral in turning the club around." 

- From a parent at Centrals and community official.


"This has been a fantastic year as Andrew has shared his philosophy and practice preparation with the team. The emphasis of his program is to make players improve in every phase of the game. He stresses fundamentals and in learning to play the game. He has held workshops with the boys on how to cope on the court as well as off the court." 
- From the parent of a National U17 squad member.

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