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One of the goals of this site is to help  coaches and featured athletes in building networks with US Schools, athletes, their families and also service providers for the benefit of our featured athletes. Also to find great content from guest bloggers.


The following organisations and people are listed here because they have provided outstanding support, guidance and support:


Basketball SA: The peak sporting body in South Australia doing a great job at running the district competition, high performance programs and coach development programs, among other things.  Our coaches support Basketball SA.  We currently, or have in the past;

Run coach development programs, coaches in the Basketball SA district competition, coach in the SA-NITP for the Development squads and state programs for basketball SA.

Adelaide 36ers: The NBL, professional basketball team in the city Adelaide, South Australia. Platform utilised for game film breakdowns, advanced analytics and analysis of athletes.  We highly recommend this platform for ALL coaches and athletes.  Read this blog for more information.



TPT Elite Athlete Services: Run by Taylor Renshaw who is a basketball coach and locally respected strength and conditioning coach.  Has worked with a couple of our featured athletes and they have provided very positive feedback on his service.  Taylor will offer future featured athletes opportunities for free and discounted training services should they require it.



Brett Maher Basketball Tours:  One of our cities' great players, triple Olympian, 3 x national NBL championship captain provided a blog for our site on his Olympic journey.


Livon Basketball: As a former College and NBA player, provides a point of reference for Coach Janx when he is dealing with overseas programs.  Also runs the Adidas Uprising and Nations tours, a great way for kids, lucky enough to make it, to get exposure.


Showtime Basketball: Provides great networks and advice.  Showtime basketball arrange tours of College teams to Australia and vice versa.  They run a well used database of  Aussie prospects that is free to register on.  Most of  our featured athletes, that want to go to College, are registered on the Showtime database.  




BSA Coaches Course Link


Florida State Seminoles 2015 Guard Workout


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