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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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Krossover Game Film Analysis, a game changer for Aussie Hoops

March 6, 2017

Thanks to my good mate Tony Casella (who also coaches with me at the Sturt Sabres) I have recently stumbled on a game changer for Aussie basketball.  This product is for all the coaches and athletes dedicated to improvement and high performance. That game changer is Krossover.  I recently used Krossover to breakdown gametape of our South Australian U20 men's team National Championship winning tournament. 


This is all going to sound like massive plug. I have no commercial benefit (in fact nothing I do with this site is for commercial benefit) to plugging this product whatsoever.  I  am incredibly excited by what it is going to do for me and my teams and therefore potentially other coaches at all levels in Australia, right up to W\NBL.  One goal of is to develop our sport by sharing information to support the development of other players, teams and coaches.  As such, I had to blog on this product - having said that Ken (rep at Krossover) you need to give me discount for this PLEASE!!! haha 


But seriously, the quality of the product, the relative low cost compared to the hours and hours of my own time I put into manually cutting means I simply cannot go without this product.  There are so many cool and rich features which will help me improve my players, my coaching and efficiently help me get video highlights and information to college coaches.  It will also provide our team's KPIs more comprehensively than we have access to now.  The advanced stats features are just brilliant and to be able to link that to raw footage is powerful to show players how they are doing.  I'll come back to the product features.


Been able to watch and breakdown, in detail, the U20 Men and their flow, floppy loop sets I am going to update some of my own playbook for my U18 South Australia team too.  I aim to show the U18 Men some of the U20 sets so they can see this very successful team running the same, or similar, stuff.


The fact they cut ALL the tape up for me is going to be massive.  After spending 30-40 hours per nationals cutting tape for the platform I have decided - NO MORE. Why would I when I can have it all outsourced for a much better final product? And now I can focus on what I do best which is coaching, developing, identifying and mentoring elite South Australian kids that I have coached.  It will