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By Kelvin Taylor | Navigating the college recruiting minefield

Preface by Janx..... Kelvin Taylor is one of the people that are in the business of Hoops for the right reason and goes about it in the right way. His objective is to help others and to support Australian basketball development, growth with good ethics, transparency and honesty. He is VERY good at it too. He has been incredibly helpful in offering insights and advice to me since I started on this journey, along with the featured athletes on this site, and also to help me support all the athletes I work with. His networks have been outstanding and the people he has introduced me to have been excellent to work with too and in turn have offered more insights, advice and opened more doors for th

So, you have been cut? If not, you will be!!

Pictured: Michael Jordan getting cut from his High School team is a very well documented story. I hope that all players and coaches pursuing their best have a read of this blog, as well as their parents and other supporters. I feel that if we all learn how to deal with adversity, being cut and coming out the other end better it will strengthen our sport. Succeeding sport at youth level or senior level for that matter is very much a reflection of the processes in succeeding in any endeavors in life. In sport success or failure is often just more up and down, and sometimes the timelines compacted, when compared to other endeavors like professional life, education, social, love etc. etc. We

By Paul Mesecke | Men's Rankings (PER) from U18 National Championships

After the great response from our PER rankings from the U20 Championships, we have decided that this might be just as useful for the U18 Championships (this tournament includes the best class of 2018-2020 talent in Australia) so we can track how they change over time, as these players move up into the U20 Championship. We feel that these PER rankings and commentary will provide value to players, coaches in the tournament, observers nationally and US College coaches looking to find Aussie talent. We are aware of the sensitivity of naming a player under the age of 18 and as such we only name the top 20 players from the tournament, rather than data for all players. We are merely taking the sta

History made in South Australian Basketball - FOUR Athletes Commit to NCAA Div 1 Men's programs

Pictured: U20 National Championship winners in February 2017. Players in back row. Alex Mudronja (6'5'' PG, 2018 Prospect), Ben Carter (6'10'' PF, 2018 Prospect), Michael Harris (6'3'' Shooting Guard, 2017 Prospect), Harrison mills (6'5'' Wing, 2017 Commit, Northern Iowa Area Community College) Seated Ray Harding (6'6'' Wing, 2017 Commit, Northern Iowa Area Community College), Brent Hank (6'10'' Power Forward, 2017 Commit, University of Albany), Owen Hulland (6'11'' Stretch 4, 2018 prospect), Jacob Rigoni (6'6'' Wing, 2017 Commit, Quinnipiac University), Isaac White (6'1'' PG, 2017 Commit, Stanford), Harry Reemst (6'4'' PG, 2017 Commit , Lake Region State College) History has been made for

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