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Today's online tools to use in the recruiting process; information from our experience so far.

Way back in my own U18s days. A few guys were recruited but this was all word of mouth, with very few of the tools and services available today. This was a very successful team packed with talent, would recruiting have been different today for this team? 1 of my team mates here played High Major D1 ball at Kansas State University but this was due to moving to the States to play High School Basketball. Recruiting has changed substantially since back in my playing days. The rare athlete that got recruited out of Adelaide, South Australia was normally due to word of mouth, moving over to the US for High School or from an American tour. Today, Junior worlds help, the reputation of Aussie ta

By Liam Flynn | International insights and experience applied to top junior, Aussie representative b

Forward by Janx This is a great Q&A with Liam Flynn that coaches and players at all levels will get a lot of knowledge and information from. There would be very few coaches in the country with his breadth and depth of experience at all levels. Liam Flynn is one of the top young coaches in Australia, who made the transition into elite, senior basketball, very successfully, several years ago. I was lucky enough to coach under Liam for 2 years at State level and I learned so much whilst under him. During this period I also saw him contribute significantly to the development of a number of players such as Daniel Carlin, Nathan Spehr, Joel Spear, Ryan Clark, Sam Daly, Isaiah Omamogho into inter

By Toby Lockwood | Developing a successful program in the all-important u14 age group. Insights int

Toby pictured cutting down the net at one of the the state premiership titles his teams won Preface by Janx There are some great stories going on in SA Basketball at the moment and one of those was the recent rise of the Central Districts Lions boy's program. Part of the purpose of these blogs is to continue to strengthen the talent and development in South Australia, using the current wave of player development to build a bigger wave. In this blog Toby Lockwood offers some fantastic insights for Coaches, Coaching Directors, Club Administrators, players and parents alike. I feel that adopting these ideas will build some fantastic development and talent from the younger age groups. Success

By Taylor Renshaw | Strength and Conditioning Development for an elite junior basketballer

A couple of athletes working out at Taylor's custom built gym. Preface by Janx I have asked Taylor to talk about all aspects of athlete development for elite basketballers be it nutrition, strength and conditioning, motivating elite juniors to work hard, long hours on their development. I met Taylor Renshaw when he was coaching with me at Sturt with the U18 men's program. He was commencing his journey in coaching whilst he was also establishing a personal training business. We would have Taylor lead rigorous warmups which included ladder work and post training strength and conditioning. His enthusiasm, work ethic and ability to build strong working relationships with the athletes he works

A global focus on South Australian basketball - how do we become a part of it?

Given the level of recruitment going on in South Australia for the featured athletes on this site I felt it was an opportune time to mention this and provide a discourse on becoming a part of highperformancehoopsnetwork.com. The featured athletes have a lot of work to do and improvement to achieve success. However, the main point to make here is there is no way that our state's elite basketballers will entirely sneak under the D1 or D2 radar in the College system as may have been the case in the past. Recruitment of SA talent reaching a historically unprecedented level Readers may not realise this but the recruitment of SA athletes is actually at an unprecedented level at the moment. A rel

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