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By Alex Mudronja Q&A at Adidas Nations

Preface by Janx…… VIDEO: At All Costs documentary trailer. Worth a watch before you read this blog. An insight into the crazy world of AAU basketball of which Alex and his team were a big part of this past US Summer. They eventually succumb in the Adidas Summer Championships to a program featured in this documentary, the Compton Magic. (expletive, f-word, in this video) When high level coaches in Australia and the United States see Alex play and ask me about Alex Mudronja the player I tell them his game speaks for itself. He is on a quite a few radars but that is expected when you have won a national U20 Championships as the starting point guard (as a bottomager - IE 1 yr younger than m

By Andrew Jantke | 3 side actions in the Australian (.... And Lithuania.... umm Duke too) flow offen

Call it what you will “flow”, 3 side/2 side actions, Euro ball screen continuity offense it has become a standard across our national junior and senior teams and filtered down to many programs. In a previous blog called "Pick and Roll Basketball" I broke down ball screen actions on the “2 side” and now I want to provide ideas on the 3 side options. The concepts of flow make up all or parts of standard motion offenses all over the world. For example here is Lithuania running it, almost identically to the Australians. Lithuania in this footage tend to be more repetitious than the Aussies but very sharp with their ball movement and screening actions: VIDEO 1: Lithuania, like a range of Euro

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