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By Andrew Jantke | Top 10 Blog Posts for 2018, thankyous and Happy New Year Message

What a phenomenal year of growth and development it has been for our featured athletes, colleagues working with me on developing this platform and our partners and friends. We are proud of the 7 male featured athletes (plus also Uche Dibiamaka) playing division 1 college basketball this year. 1 more has committed for the 2019 season and we are confident our 9th will commit to a VERY BIG high major program sometime next year (watch this space!). We wrote this article on the new commits for the 2018 season, "2018/19 season will be the most men in history at the Division 1 NCAA level, out of South Australia". You can find out about their stories and journey in this article from our unique pers

Cal Bruton | Values..... My values, the value in capitalising on hidden talent pools in Australian b

Preface by Janx Cal Bruton, one of the greats of Australian basketball, recently visited Adelaide as the special guest speaker for the Free Throw Foundation’s Lunch. Free Throw Foundation is an organisation right up Cal’s alley, as it is all about supporting disadvantaged athletes to participate in the sport. During the visit Cal and I caught up. Something we’d been talking about doing for a couple of years. Someone with Cal’s depth of knowledge, experience and just general attitude to life is someone I really enjoy talking to, asking questions and learning from and so gratefully took up the opportunity spend time with him. I also really enjoyed his commentary when featured athlete Isaac

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