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By Roosevelt Williams | Character Traits of Elite Performers; Humility, Grit and Growth Mindset

Preface by Janx….. When one of your top NBA contacts contact you and tell you need to meet someone from Perth visiting here (Adelaide, South Australia) to talk Hoops you naturally take that very seriously. That is what happened recently and I was able to catch up with Roosevelt Williams whilst he was visiting. What a great meeting it was and as always I am thankful to the guy mentioned above (you know who you are – was great to catch-up at the PK80 btw!) for this introduction. Meeting Roosevelt was an honour and a privilege for me and as we delved deeper I discovered he was the Co-Owner of RAW Hoops basketball (www.rawhoops.com.au) and when I told him I was the Founder and Principal of www.

By Damian Arsenis | The Story Behind The Pick and Roll’s #AussieHoops success

Preface By Janx…. VIDEO: The Pick and Roll media channel has rapidly become a household media name in Australian basketball over 4 years. Here we learn of the story of Pick and Roll and its leader, Damian Arsenis. If you are talking in terms of information and promotion of the sport, Damian Arsenis and the media platform he helped launch, is a contemporary Australian success story in our sport. We have long admired the articles and content because they are independent and capture the full gamut of Aussie Hoops from junior nationals through to Aussies in the NBA. Clearly 10s of 1000s of the followers and readers of The Pick and Roll, all over the world, agree as it has grown into the larges

By Todd Matthews | Capturing the winning qualities of South Australian basketball

Preface by Janx.... In my opinion Todd is one of those people that captures and embodies the qualities of the successful players and programs of South Australian boy's basketball - tough, skilled, supreme work ethic and believing you can win against all odds. These are the traits of successful teams that bind them together, make them value each other, trust each other, and want to go into battle together. If you are reading this from other locations in the world, I don't know, there may be some relevance to these traits in all parts of the world I guess. But I'm commenting from my perspective, where I'm from - South Australian Hoops. Thinking about the recent dominance of the U20 South Aus

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