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Brad Newley | From SA to the AIS, to Europe, to the Olympics, and the NBL; Living the basketball dre

Preface by Janx… This article is written by Tony Casella (TC), who recently had a chance to chat to Brad Newley about his career. I am sure TC will highlight Brad’s amazing journey but I wanted to give some context and insights on TC first. TC is currently Head Coach of the Sturt Sabres Premier League Men’s team. Premier League is the top state based league for South Australia. Sturt is a club renowned nationally for youth player development and the men’s program has long standing reputation of supporting home grown, youth talent. This year is no exception, with a great group of young men and savvy veterans produced from the Sturt junior program. The team is competing well so far against bi

Nathan Sobey | Athletic development and some lessons for other killers out there. From one of the be

Pictured: “Aussie Westbrook”. Sobey caricature. Credit: Adam Ballinger art. As I got to know Nathan’s psyche and what makes him tick I have decided to put him into my category of “killer”. Someone that is a deep competitor, willing to live the life that will see him get better day after day, to be the best he can be. “I always want to challenge myself to be better than the next person but also just want to be the best I can be”, says Sobey. Nathan is always looking for that edge and using those that say “you can’t do it” or “you are not good enough to make this team or that league” as positive development tools, not the other way round. “I love to prove people wrong” he says at one poi

By Anyang Garang | Journey so far; decisions, constant improvement and rewards

Preface by Janx PICTURED: Anyang back home in Gawler on a recent visit. As Director of Coaching Central Districts Lions, I can still remember about 8 or so years ago when through some funding through the church, local council and other community organisations a team of players from the African immigrant community was joining our club. I had the opportunity to coach this team and took it up. Tony Moore, who now runs Hoops4Life (click here for info on this great program), a coach involved with the club at the time, had set up these arrangements and it was really the first time in our state those new Aussies from the Sudanese and African community really got involved at high level competition

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