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By Isaac White | 400 days, 5 yrs of growing up

Prelude by Janx....... One of the great ethos of this site will be to be as open and as transparent as possible about the journey of the featured athletes. At the top each blog we do there is a disclaimer. It makes it clear what these blogs are about. Fundamentally, this is not a news site, it is an unofficial, blogging site. It just so happens it is the leading blogging site in Australia in this space, with articles from current and former high level Youth, State level, College, NBL, Euro and NBA athletes and coaches, reaching 1000s of people. We give you, the reader, some great stories, insights and articles and our personal touch is what makes this site unique. Readers get great va

By Danny Mills | An Aussie and a NBA Scout - My journey, insights on how to get here, thoughts on

Preface by Janx..... If you’re a player or a coach in Australia with dreams of making the NBA, or wanting to help lead and guide others to maximise their chance to get there then this is your chance to hear it from an Aussie who is actually in the NBA. His role is that of scout with the Philadelphia 76ers, the man is Danny Mills. Danny is Aussie born and has also been an international NBA scout prior to his current position for the 76ers so his insights and journey are very unique and valuable for all of us readers. Danny is someone whose conversations and insights on featured athletes I have really valued and the other week we had a conversation about his journey to get to where he is tod

By Andrew Jantke | Indy workouts.... AND a global shooting challenge; Can you out shoot these world

Pictured: The most important thing for a workout coach is the conversations with the athletes. In this recent workout where we captured some amazing shooting displays on film. We think the scores these guys put up in our benchmark drills would be difficult for players at any level in the world to match, and certainly in their respective age groups. We challenge all to try. As I have been doing so many individual workouts over the years I always thought it would be really useful to have documented, proven benchmark scores and drills for guys at various levels to compare to. About 18 months ago I began to compile some good, easy to run shooting drills that I felt we could use to benchmark

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