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The greatest collective talent at U18 Australian National Champs in history: Perth, Year 2012

Two weeks ago, up in Townsville Australia, I coached another U18 National Championships. It is important we come back and reflect, seek out improvement and do some analysis. One of the things I have been doing is thinking about the level of talent in Australia I have worked with and coached against over the years that I have been coaching at the championships. I began to do some analysis and debate with some colleagues on the most talent in an U18 National Championships. As we continued the conversation and I did some more research and analysis I decided I had to blog on this subject; the greatest collective talent at U18 Australian National Champs in history. The subject for the blog is

By James Woite | Premier League, South Australia basketball is producing diamonds – now it’s time to

Preface by Janx..... Many within our state may not realise it but the global brand of South Australian basketball as a proving ground for elite talent is at an all time high. For elite, young athletes coming through the ranks this represents opportunities to be recruited at levels never seen before. This blog, by James Woite, highlights the strength of South Australia’s Premier League. This league is an open aged competition that includes US Citizens (called imports) that are college graduates as well players with NBL (our top professional, national league) experience. Junior South Australian’s coming through this tough league can be evaluated by College Coaches at all levels. James Woite

By Brent Hank | From Pt Lincoln to New York

Preface by Janx…. Brent and I often joke whenever we happen to bump into each other at Pasadena stadium (in Adelaide, South Australia) about when we first met - I point at the spot near the stairs going onto court 2 where I first shook his and his parent’s hands and proceeded to have a long chat about his basketball future and I tell him “that spot is where it all started for you”, he laughs, probably because it is not necessarily true. However, it is certainly those kinds of moments that you look back on later, that ended up being a pivotal moment for kids like Brent, his family and in this case the Central Districts Lions program. Pictured: Brent concentrating on his free throws for SA Cou

By Angus Glover's parents Mandy and Allan | Raising an elite athlete, whilst raising a great per

Preface by Janx.... I've been a big fan of Angus Glover for some time. First seeing him emerge as a future Australian junior at U16 National Champs in Adelaide in 2013 and then again emerge as a future Boomer at U18 National Champs in Ballarat in 2015 was awesome to watch. He played on the court with a great work ethic, team spirit, efficiency and very skilled for his size and level of athleticism. Last July I was asked to Assistant Coach at the Centre of Excellence Elite Prospects Combine, and Angus was on our team (team Gold). He was just coming back from a knee injury which would have been tough for him but exciting at the same time. He was under specialist orders to phase into the gam

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