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This platform and website is managed by Coach Andrew Jantke ("Janx") with support from other volunteers.



This article explains why this site was setup, our purpose and how it evolved.

What HPHN DO and DO NOT do


We are not "advisors" to kids or parents in order to select schools, outside of quantifiable research we can provide.  We do have a package of questions that player's being recruited should ask and consider themselves.  We are experts on Australian Junior basketball and have outstanding experience and knowledge on athletes are coming through, or have been through, our pathways.


To be clear, we do not:


  • Receive ANY financial benefit from athletes or colleges.

  • We do not SELL information or scouting reports to colleges.

  • Advise athletes what levels they should play at.  

  • Advise schools whether the athlete is LM/MM/HM

  • Select the school for the athletes


What we do....


We work on the principals of operating within, and supporting Aussie Basketball's sporting recognised pathways.  We are highly experienced in working within these pathways.  We are open and transparent to Club Coaching Directors, High Performance Directors and National coaches in regards to the athletes we support.  We seek to deliver services with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness for the athlete, therefore our services are provided on a voluntary basis.


High Performance Team Coaches


Vast experience at coaching high performing junior teams.  We are focused on developing each individual player to their potential, based on their own goals and dreams in the sport.  We aim to bring that individual talent together to compliment each other and build a great team ethos through tried and proven tools and concepts. 


Individual Player Development


Experience at developing individual programs and running sessions for youth elite athletes.  With a focus of individual player programs and development over our significant years of involvement in the South Australian state program, and having the chance to run sessions for the best young talent in the country we have many good benchmarks of what a players capabilities capabilities need to be to get to the next level.


Phyisical development and conditioning


TPT Training, owned by Taylor Renshaw, provides outstanding development services for athletes.  Taylor is driven, hard working and committed, able to motivate young athletes to achieve their best.  He has worked with many of the guys Janx has coached and delivered great results.  Click here for TPT's Facebook page.


Hollistic Player Development and Mentoring


Experience in working with players in developing and preparing them for higher levels.  We have tried and proven methods of goal setting and performance evaluation that lets the athlete take control over their vision, and self evaluations.  We help guide them on the journey, with the complete support team involved in the process (families, supporters, other coaches as required).


We have a very good understanding of eligibility requirements and processes and if we don't have the answer we have networks that will know the answer.


Pathways and opportunities advice


Pathways and opportunities are ever changing in Australian basketball.  With the waters getting more and more murky Janx and his team has a detailed understanding of the pathways in Australian basketball and beyond.  We will not make the athletes decision for them but we will make sure the athlete, and their support team, make an informed decision.


Player highlight profile and video production


Getting footage up that is able to show the athletes game style, main strengths and possibly also his weaknesses is important for the athlete and their recruiting schools.  Athletes want to play for a coach that knows their game, likes their game and knows where they will fit into the team's system.  A video package is the beginning of the process of engaging with coaches that are interested in and want to recruit the player.  Janx produces highlights packages for athletes, using proven methods.


Likewise, coaches want to know about you; are going to be academically eligible, what kind of person you are, key physical measurements and history of achievements.  We work with athletes and their support team to develop a profile that captures this information.


College coach visits


More and more coaches than ever before are visiting South Australia and more broadly Australia.  We believe that relationships matter for US coaches looking to recruit Aussie talent.  Coaches visiting are in a different city and need to maximise the use of their valuable time.  We assist division 1 visiting coaches with any logistics as required and will organise school or home visits as required.  We do this for no fees to merely build and strengthen the relationship.


Likewise our team can offer networks and contacts interstate to ensure the coaches see the best talent in Australia in other states too.


Coach the coach training and mentoring


The tools, practices and techniques outlined above are able to be shared with coaches.  We can also runs accredited coach training for Basketball SA and is able to share his insights with any coaches attending these sessions.




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