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Positions Vacant: Video Editor

Due to overwhelming demand we would like more resources. To achieve this, we want to openly offer you the opportunity to get involved. We also want to spread the significant workload a little in doing what we do.

Person Description:

Need to be willing to listen and learn, ruthless work ethic, love hoops. IT knowledge is helpful as is in depth knowledge in basketball (or willingness to learn). We greatly value diversity and do not discriminate on age, gender, religion or race. Preferably you will be based in South Australia but we could work with someone remotely too.


We offer no money (We will not charge athletes for our work in this area), no career direction (unless you wanted to get into video editing and/or scouting professionally and wanted to use us to gain some experience in this area), there is not much we can offer really. Just a chance to get involved in a really positive initiative for Basketball and athletes we work with, have our never ending appreciation (we may shout you a meal from time to time) and hopefully that of the athletes you help (even they or their parents may shout you a meal from time to time). You will be a part of the inner circle, having input into our direction, we keep open and transparent and we will endeavor to keep you involved and informed on the latest happenings where we can. Spending time watching tape and breaking down the tendencies, skillsets and capabilities of Australia's top youth talent will help give you an edge over other coaches and assist your own kids or kids that play for you.

Down the track your role may expand (scouting reports, liaising with our networks - specifically College coaches, players, families and other supporters) depending on your desires, needs and demands.

Contact us via the contact form on this site to register your interest, or via our Facebook page.

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