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Top 10 Blog Posts for 2016 has been running since late May 2016. It was primarly setup to provide visibility in the US for the athletes I have been lucky to work very closely with as their coach and ongoing supporter, mentor and friend. I also wanted to provide the college coaches I speak to, many of whom I have not met in person, some idea on who I am what I am about, in order to build trust and credibility amongst the coaches in the US.

I tried some blogs to help get visibility for the athletes as well as educate and inspire those in the local basketball community. Looking back these blogs collectively provide a great library of information and I hope over time they continue to provide great value to you all. The response to the blogs has been enormous.

The blog posts below are the top 10 for the year based on volume of visits.

There are many others not making the top 10 there that I personally have enjoyed reading such as:

There are many other blogs that I have written too that I hope that anyone reading will browse around, check out and have a read. I have to admit I was surprised my blog on the relatively large influx of top college coaches visiting South Australian athletes to recruit them did not get more interest and visits. This one was entitled A global focus on South Australian Basketball. History is going to be made over the coming couple of years for South Australian basketball in the number of college prospects out of the state, level they are playing at and this blog provides the precursor of this information and news to readers.

Thanks to all those locally and overseas that have read the blogs, provided some awesome feedback and shared them with others.

We want to keep this platform very open, transparent and credible. If anyone out there has ideas for guest blog posts and would like to post it on just hit us up via the contact page on this site or via email.

I encourage everyone to browse the blogs and have a read. You can view the blogs by subject using the index on the right-hand side of the blog page. Feedback, ideas or thoughts are welcome, debate is welcome, that is how we learn and generate new ideas and interest.

Drum roll please....... Here are the top 10 blogs, by visits, from most visits through to least.

I have jokingly told Isaac he is never allowed to post to my site again when his blog blew all others I had done out the water (he is seriously more than welcome to post more at some stage). His blog blew all others out of the water and was easily the number 1 most visited blog post for the year with visits heading towards 2000.

Elite Aussie representative, and the top guard prospect in Australia for 2017, discusses his amazing 12 month journey, his ability to succeed through hardwork and determination. An inspiring story for any junior players, and all of us infact.

My insights on pick and roll basketball for coaches and players, featuring footage using the featured athletes plays as examples.

The most successful junior coach in the history of Central Districts Lions discusses his amazing 4 yr run of success with the all important u14 age group in juniors. His teams were often considered invincible within the competition and this was achieved in a club that had barely even fielded Div 1 teams, let alone make finals, in years prior.

Paul Mesecke former AIS Scholarship Coach, National Assistant Coach, SA Metro Head Coach and Sturt Coaching Director provides his insights on college pathways and recruiting he has learned when working with elite female talent out of South Australia.

Ben Carter writes of his experience at Adidas Uprising and subsequently to that event, Adidas Nations, in the United States. Many, many NBA players have attended these events over the years and they are heavily looked at by US College and NBA scouts.

Janx provides his views on the character, skill and physical traits that have tended to make the COE program out of South Australia in recent years.

Personal Trainer Taylor Renshaw who has worked significantly with a couple of the featured athletes and is currently working with the professional club, the Adelaide 36ers, provides insights on how he motivates and trainings elite young athletes on their strength and conditioning.

Insights on the online tools we use and how we use them to engage with college coaches for our featured athletes.

Insights into Janx' coaching philosophy and playing style that has been proven to contribute, with other coaches and people too, to the production significant levels of talent to relatively unprecedented levels out of SA in recent years.

Parent of one of the best young shooters in the Australia provides insights on how he has worked with his son to develop his shooting capabilities. Can be applied by other parents and coaches easily.

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