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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Andrew Jantke | Behind the curtain to the amazing benefits for athletes and educational institutions in the United States with a stronger integration approach. Why can't it work in Australia?

March 28, 2018

About this blog article


This blog article provides a discourse on stronger integration between educational institutions and sporting pathways (specifically basketball).  We do this by highlighting: 

  • What Coach Janx observed on a recent tour to the United States

  • What is in it for athlete development with better integration between sporting pathways and educational institutions

  • Likewise what is in it for the educational institutions with an improved integration paradigm.

  • How this could also be applied to Australian High Schools using examples and real life experiences.


This is a great read for anyone involved with educational institutions, working in Australia's high performance system at any level, from Aussie Hoops through to National teams, be it as a volunteer or a paid capacity, also gives youth athletes and parents excellent insights into the opportunity and benefits to becoming a high level student-athlete in the United States.


We hope the discourse below generates discussion and helps continue to align various stakeholders that are interested in the holistic development of elite, youth basketball talent.


In short we urge all stakeholders in athlete development be it high performance managers, educational institutions, coaches, players, parents and other supporters to think REALLY BIG, and together, when it comes to developing our sport in our country.  Is this thought process missing now?  If it is that pattern should not dictate future thought processes.  THINK BIG!  Our main stakeholders, the youth athletes certainly do and our thinking should not be what holds them back.  


The study tour


I recently headed over to the United States on a personal basketball pilgrimage.  Primarily it was to see featured athlete Isaac White (Class of 2017 Stanford Freshman) really get into the big games, kicking off his collegiate career.  This included Isaac participating in the biggest ever preseason tournament in the history of college sports.  A solid feat for the skilled, tough, smart guard, "with some moxy", who had won and dominated Aussie U20 National Championships and National Schools championships, Premier League and club basketball, from the Sturt Sabres of South Australia.


 VIDEO: The PK80.  The most powerful collection of teams in College basketball ever at one event.