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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

What a big year this was for


Throughout this year 4x featured athletes commenced their division 1 college careers and so far 2x2018 athletes have committed for next year.


VIDEO| Highlighting the commitments of the history 4xdivision 1 commits out of South Australia and 3x2018 prospects, 2 of whom have no committed to division 1 programs. 


The way we operate is somewhat unique and groundbreaking in Australia and we thank everyone for coming on this journey and supporting us.  We are 100% volunteers working as a team so support and shared efforts are much appreciated.


We won't even single people out from this last year to thank.  You know who you are. We've had many mutual efforts, phone calls, emails with people supporting and assisting in what we do there are simply too many to mention. We say thankyou to all that has worked with our team, and featured athletes.


We also specifically thank you all that have been positively involved for playing a role in the development of Featured Athletes, from local coaches, state, national coaches, nbl coaches, college coaches.  Their success helps us build a brand to help future athletes coming through and so many people contribute to them being successful on and off the court. We also thank those that provided content for blogs & articles and guiding and supporting us behind the scenes in our efforts.


This next year one of our many goals is to define "the what".  What we do.  We know why we do it (Blog: I have no idea "what" but I can tell you "why") but we are now ready to define "the what".  We've built a team of trusted advisors and supporters that will have a lot of input into that, many listed here, some to be listed soon and some behind the scenes.  Happy to hear from any interested contributors in this regards.  


As we did last year we look back at our top 10 blogs in terms of traffic for the year.  With 10s of 1000s of readers and almost 40 blogs & articles there has been some great content, insights and knowledge shared.


In defining "the what" we do we will be looking at how we select athletes to feature on our platform.  We will be very heavily focused on core values and the intangibles that we feel will help them continue to be heavily recruited and build winning programs wherever they play as College athletes, national team players or professionals.  Some blogs that allude to these values that we will use to select athletes have been written throughout the year.  Some blogs on these qualities and values this past 12 months included; 


For featured athletes, these blogs & articles are providing visibility and exposure to US College coaches. 

For Aussie based coaches they give you insights and knowledge from our personal experience in developing teams and youth talent. 

For future potential featured athletes you find out insights, inspiration and lessons learned direct from the athletes whose footsteps you hope to follow in, in playing division 1 college basketball. 

For US College coaches they are a great source to learn about Australian pathways and featured athletes

For parents they are a useful tool to give you insights on what to expect, how to guide your child and you can use the the blogs to motivate and educate your child. 


Our featured athletes provided some great insights on their journeys so far: