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December 24, 2017

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June 6, 2017

 Video: This site is about supporting athletes and our sport.  It is only right we should start with our video congratulating the featured athletes on this site.


12 months ago this website was launched and we are proud of how this platform and network has built up with the help, guidance and input of so many.  



Reflections on the journey so far


The initial premise of this platform was about the featured athletes we support.  We were aiming to fill in what were a series of gaps in the support they required.  A lot of the associated activities with this platform had been going on well before the site was launched.  I (like others that coach them) demand a lot from the athletes I work with and I want to make sure their efforts are rewarded in every way possible.  They have all provided some great input on, and appreciation of, this platform, service or whatever you want to call it. Both Paul Mesecke (my former boss who was Director of Coaching at Sturt Sabres when we began to build this platform and conceptualised this site with me, and is now a partner in the site) and I felt if we did not provide this platform to support our athletes then they would be left to their own devices, or even to that of external scouts or agents, to get exposure to US Colleges.  We felt that this would lead to costs for them, not generate the great team values we were trying to build in our athletes, so felt we needed to work with the athletes to take control of these requirements.  They still get others to help (including paid scouts and agents), some do, and that is more than fine it is just there is no need to do it if they don't want to.  We are proud of the great team men our featured athletes have become, along with the significant success of teams that they play in.  


Beyond the athletes from Sturt, I have extended it for some other athletes I coached who we are lucky to have come on board.


Here is a little bit more of an insight of how and why I really began ramp things up with this site:


Link: have no idea "what" but I can tell you "why"


I also want to thank my bosses at Basketball SA and my club, the Sturt Sabres, for their support, insights and input into this platform.  With their ongoing help and support we are figuring out the "what" we do.  We run this platform independently, but we simply could not provide this service if they did not allow it.


We don't always get it right but the objectives we set out to achieve have exceeded our expectations.  We always knew the "why" we were doing what we were doing what we do but we have to also figure out the "what".