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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Luke Schenscher | Playing and winning in a Power 5 Conference School

February 25, 2017

Preface by Janx….


With our featured athletes Isaac White (6’1’’ Combo Guard, 2017 Stanford Commit) and Lat Mayen (6’8’’ Wing, 2017 TCU Commit) committing to High Major D1 NCAA programs in recent months I thought it would be fascinating to ask a friend of mine,  Luke Schenscher, and one of the greatest players South Australia has ever produced, to blog on what these young men can expect, his own experience and journey as well.  He has played at a similar level to where Lat and Isaac are heading and even went all the way to the National Championship game.  


I hope that not only Isaac and Lat get some value and insights but so does the rest of our readers.

Whilst the state of South Australia has produced some great college players over the years like Paul Rogers (Gonzaga, 1994-97), Ryan Kersten (University of New Mexico, 2005-06), only 3 men have ever played for schools in Power 5 conferences.  The three being Luke (Georgia Tech in the ACC), Pero Vasiljevic (Kansas State in the Big 12) and Martin Bartmentloo (U of Arizona in the Pac-12), as the only male players to play in a Power 5 conferences in our state’s history.  To have 2 make it in 1 year, from 1 junior club (the same team infact), is history making.  Amazingly, we expect more of our featured athletes to make it to this kind of level in 2018 if current recruiting is anything to go by.


Luke had a phenomenal career at the collegiate level and beyond, we dream and hope that Luke’s lofty career is a precursor for our recent commits.  Very few have reached the lofty heights he did whilst playing for Georgia Tech in what is considered the top conference in America in the ACC.  Infact his Georgia Tech team actually went all the way to the NCAA Championship game, an amazing feat for a young man out of South Australia, with Luke playing as the starting centre.


Whilst he went on to spend time in the NBA, play in top European leagues and have a long and successful NBL career I told him we would love to hear about his college career but also to hear about what he is up to in his life after basketball.


Reading this blog is phenomenal.  I love these kinds of insights on how he was recruited, the chain of events that led him to GT (instead of Drexel),  why he chose to play at GT, his insights about his coach, insights on playing Duke at Cameron Stadium and more.  I also liked how he discusses the work he did after his sophomore year to get better, overcoming adversity at some stage, dealing with it and putting the work in to get better like all our featured athletes have had to do at some stage.  His comments on preparation meeting luck is very similar to what Isaac White actually discusses in his blog (Mental Toughness and Dedication).


Thanks so much Luke for this blog!!!


Over to Luke…