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Merry Christmas to our networks


Of you out there that have taken a positive interest in our content, blogs and newsletters, and/or supporting us at

On a personal note (from Janx) MERRY XMAS AND THANKYOU TO ALL.........

Brilliant Colleagues, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and other Supporters who also helped, currently or in the past, ALL the athletes I also work with.

All the great coaches and staff in South Australia high performance programs I am lucky to work with.

All at the SA talent factory, the Sturt Sabres, from where the bulk of the featured athletes are from, and I personally am very lucky to be a part of.

The Norwood Flames and Central Districts Lions. Two clubs continuing to produce great talent, continuing to do it right, that I have been proud to have been a part of in the past, and that 2 of the featured athletes are from.

To all the coaches and administrators in the other district clubs in South Australia working hard to improve our state's talent base and build a strong competition (Please note: I would love to see this platform be more broadly used in the future, should the talent be available).

The focus of this platform, the reason it was setup, is to enhance the knowledge and visibility of featured athletes, and SA basketball's reputation, in general, to US Colleges. Many, many work with and support us to do that and we want to say MERRY XMAS AND THANKYOU TO ALL.......

The college coaches across the NCAA who have recruited the featured athletes and/or are taking an interest in South Australian basketball: From Lions, Hokies, Hawkeyes, the Broncos, the Mountaineers, Gaels, Utes, Leapords, Pilots, Wildcats, Golden Eagles, Wolverines, Hawks, Bobcats, Toreros, Rainbow Warriors, Great Danes, the Cardinals, Tigers, Longhorns, Horned Frogs, Terrapins, through to the Saints, Bearcats and Tritons and many more.

The 36ers and COE willingness to, from time to time, help with exposure, development and advice to us. This is in addition to doing what they have always done in providing great pathways for talent out of SA.

Those that have provided us with networks and advice such as AUSA, Showtime Basketball, Damien Anderson, Ash Arnott.

To staff and volunteers at Phenom Hoop Report, FieldLevel, GetMeRecruited, Verbal Commits who have been very helpful in getting info out on featured athletes to coaches across America.

Guest bloggers, and good friends, who have provided much needed content such as Paul Mesecke, Liam Flynn, Taylor Renshaw, Isaac White, Jon Dyer, Tony Casella, Jye Watson, Dylan Hicks, Toby Lockwood, Ben Carter, Owen Hulland.

We are volunteers in the pursuit of excellence here at, reliant on volunteers like most of the people above; all of you in it for the right reasons, going above and beyond.

Last but NOT LEAST. To ALL athletes I personally have gone into battle with, that work so hard to achieve personal excellence, but enjoying every minute of it too. You and your families allow us to continue to all work together for your success. None of this exists without you, without you there is no point to it, this all started for YOU guys. WHEN you work EXTREMELY hard, maintain positive personal, leadership, team and community core values I will do ALL I can to help you and your team mates achieve your dreams that you all deserve. value all of you, who like us here, aim to positively build and develop the talent in our sport and/or have a positive impact on our broader basketball community.

Merry Xmas to you all, looking forward to more of this in 2017!!!

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