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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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Today's online tools to use in the recruiting process; information from our experience so far.

October 28, 2016

Way back in my own U18s days.  A few guys were recruited but this was all word of mouth, with very few of the tools and services available today.  This was a very successful team packed with talent, would recruiting have been different today for this team?   1 of my team mates here played High Major D1 ball at Kansas State University but this was due to moving to the States to play High School Basketball. 


Recruiting has changed substantially since back in my playing days.  The rare athlete that got recruited out of Adelaide, South Australia was normally due to word of mouth, moving over to the US for High School or from an American tour.  


Today, Junior worlds help, the reputation of Aussie talent (means coaches are much more proactive in looking in Australia), AAU tournaments that Aussies can play in exposing them to so many coaches, and of course online tools provide so much exposure, knowledge and information.


I decided to share some experience and knowledge from that have been tested and tried over the past 2 yrs and how you can use these tools.  


First and foremost, we have begun to try and think of building brand.  A friend volunteered to design a logo before the website was released and that has become a part of our brand, along with the animation at the start of our highlight clips.  The objective is NEVER to generate revenue but to create awareness among college coaches for the athletes we work with in the State of South Australia and broader, if required.


Youtube -


Highlights on our youtube are regularly receiving 1000+ views, heavily concentrated in the United States.


Youtube is the best way to get footage out there.  You can plug the video into various platforms and media from that.


Ultimately interested coaches at D1 levels will want to see fullgames so do not be fooled, the highlights package alone will not get you recruited.


I've seen some horrid youtube clips that do more harm than good, even from fantastic players.  In my opinion show the highest level of competition you have played at.  Don't show HS basketball if you have played national championships for example.  In my experience College Coaches are generally well tuned in to the various levels in Australia and re