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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Dylan Hicks | Return on Investment for athletic development for basketballers

August 29, 2016





Intro by Janx...


I’ve asked local running identity and former State League and South Australian State basketballer, Dylan Hicks, to provide a guest blog this month.  I’ve known Dylan for years and he is super motivated about all he commits to in his life. 


With a Degree in Physical Education, Masters of Exercise Science, qualifications in strength and conditioning, as well as coaching he as the theoretical knowledge.  He is a high level competitor himself in the fields of track and field, and basketball, his skills and qualifications are unique and provides him a very significant breadth of theoretical and practical knowledge.  In short when Dylan blogs, coaches MUST read


This blog is ideal for players and coaches alike both locally and overseas.  I know I will think about ROI when structuring my trainings and advice to athletes on their personal development. 


I really like the Steph Curry reference he makes and the fact that basketball skills can outweigh athleticism to some extent.  I am writing a blog soon on this concept too.


Dylan is organising a fantastic event that will take place on November 20 called the Adelaide Athletic Development Conference.  This conference includes a smorgasbord of speakers from elite programs in the AFL, Soccer, Athletics and more.  If you are involved athletic development from any sport or a coach who wants to be able to understand contemporary issues in the field this event is a great opportunity to augment your professional development and learning.  Key issues for basketball covered off include plyometrics, speed development, tactical periodisation and much more.  As programs look for an edge in the field of science these kinds of expertise are coming in more and more demand.  A flyer graphic is a at the end of this blog below.  If this event is of value to you then book here




Over to Dylan...




In a financial sense, a Return on Investment (ROI) deals who how much money you invest in a company, stock or property; compared to the net return you receive upon selling or the company or property’s net value increasing. It is the extent to which the benefits (or outputs) exceed the costs (inputs).


With many sports coming to the end of their season, with a transition into the off-season, athletes and coaches alike need to identify where the investment should be made during this time, as often it is quite a short period of time, and therefore vital you are placing your investment in the right account.


Basketball is most definitely a skills-based game, no one more epitomises this than Steph Curry. He is clearly not the most athletic player in the game, although strong in most areas, yet is dominating the league and the best players in the