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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Jye Watson | Sudanese Basketball, Doin' it for Love

August 19, 2016

 Sudanese National Basketball Tournament.  Picture Credit



Forward by Janx

I have asked Jye Watson to submit a report from the South Sudanese Australian National Classic.  Jye is involved with Mogul Sports, who represent professional athletes in the NBL, AFL and local leagues around Australia.  Jye’s role is not a sports agent but he scouts talent and assists any athletes that may seek him out with advice, as well as supports the agencies' clients in terms of career planning and well-being. He has been a great friend and confidante on all things hoops with me well before he was involved with Mogul.  He has a great basketball mind and sees the game from some unique perspectives.  In his playing days he dominated the Central ABL for a few years, after he returned from the United States from playing college basketball.  We first met when he joined our Central Districts Lions State League squad and as he was new to town I was assigned to “take him under my wing” for a few weeks which I did so with enthusiasm.  We got to play together for a brief time, and he always bought a fun intensity to trainings, with lots of banter and hard work.  We have been great mates ever since.

The great thing about Jye in his role with Mogul is I know that he and his colleagues are in it for the right reasons.  Whilst they may not be able to work with every single athlete, they want to genuinely help athletes they take on board succeed and in doing so they succeed.  Mogul are the kind of people that will go above and beyond and have done just that recently with the Adelaide Warriors, our SA Club that competes in the South Sudanese Australian National Basketball Association (SSANBA) National Tournament.

I’ve personally been lucky to work very closely with some of our most talented guys in the Sudanese basketball community in South Australia.   I value them greatly as ballers but more as great young men.  They love the game and all it offers.  I’m intrigued with Jye’s thoughts on the National Classic and his recent involvement in the Sudanese basketball community.  


 Pictured: Some great Adelaide Warriors Ballers I have been honoured to get to know and some whom I have enjoyed coaching.   This pic includes Machar Machar, Jimma Dau, Chol Luk, Biar Garang, Ngor Daniel, Madit Daniel.  Picture Credit




Over to Jye.....


Coming up as a young teen playing basketball in a country town and travelling to Melbourne to play with the Tigers, I often noticed gifted young Sudanese players hitting the courts at MSAC. I remember saying to myself at the time, “They are very raw, but if someone worked with these kids they could be great” that was 1999. 

I recently attended my first, South Sudanese national basketball tournament in Werribee (Eagle Stadium), ran by the self-governing SSANBA ( in July, which was a huge success. The quality of the tournament, along with the excitement from the large crowds in attendance had the stadium absolutely booming. There were q