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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Isaac White | Mental toughness and dedication

July 1, 2016



Prelude by Janx.......


I've asked Isaac White to be our next guest blogger!!


Isaac is a super young man.  So many in South Australia and Australia have seen him; lead National Schools Championships in scoring, taking Sacred Heart all the way to the National Finals; winning medals at U20 National Championships with the South Australian State team, and leading the championships in scoring; playing for Australia at Albert Schweitzer Tournament; or dominating for the Sturt Sabres. Seeing all this they may take for granted how good a player he is becoming.  He is potentially a great role model for other young players because he has worked hard for it so far.


I've known Isaac initially as an opposition coach but was lucky to find myself coaching Isaac in 2013/14, at the Sturt Sabres. This started with coaching him at training and games and also workouts on Sundays after trainings. During these I realised he was a very good player, with a good work ethic and focus.  However, it wasn't until he had some setbacks that I began to really get to know him well, and what makes him tick.  I have learned over the years you cannot really tell much about an elite prospect until he has actually suffered a few setbacks.  I began to see what the kind of driven athlete and person he was.  


In 2014/15 I got to coach him again in a team that was recognised as one of the strongest teams in Australia at that time.  All Isaac's team mates set high standards on and off the floor for each other, trainings were sometimes like wars, they were all so competitive.  These guys had very similar mindsets and it often rubbed off on each other, where one fell out of line they were not afraid to let each other know.


Isaac, like all of us in life, suffered some setbacks along his climb to where he is.  I won't reveal all our conversations about overcoming setbacks and those that don't recognise your talents over the years, in the words of Greg Popovich that is "family business", however I can say that with every setback it made him more determined, more ambitious to prove what he could do.  He has a growth mindset, listening-to and respecting those around him and never blames others for poor personal performance, he holds himself to account and the highest standards, always looking internally to what he could do better to learn and improve.  


Over the past 4 years I've known Isaac my respect for him as a player and competitor continues to grow, I'm privileged to know and work with him.  I feel he has made me better as a coach and he always makes himself and his team mates better.  This man in my opinion is almost the text book definition of a winner.


Isaac has a very, very long way to go to achieve his goals and he is working harder every day to get better on the court, in the classroom and in all aspects of life.  It is still very early in his journey, however he has now emerged as one of the very best 2017 guards in Australia (I personally think THE best), and so I have asked him to be a guest blogger on this site about Mental Toughness and Dedication, two traits of his I have rarely seen in anyone quite to his level.



Over to Isaac;



I’ve been asked to provide a blog on my background in the sport and how I apply mental toughness and dedication in order to achieve my best.


You have less than 100 years in this life. One day the entire universe will crumble to a distant ash, taking any physical remains with it. This is a concept that I live, and will die by.


I am Isaac Lewis White from Adelaide, Australia, and I’m different. I am my own project, and I estimate it will take me around 85 years to complete it.



Here’s an introduction of myself…...


Ever since I was able to walk, I’ve been a self/peer-proclaimed try-hard. I’ve always backed myself to do things which appeared impossible (to others anyway). I remember spending countless hours a day in my backyard as a little child, throwing a water-logged basketball at a 10ft hoop, without even grazing the net. I would throw tantrums, curse (fortunately with a limited vocabulary), and let the situation completely dominate me. However, I never gave up. I knew that if each and every day, I could develop the strength to approach that rim just a little more, if I could improve just a LITTLE more, I would get there. And one day, I did