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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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The first ever CLF Showcase; Summary of the day. How and why coaches at all levels, all over the world should register for the data and footage from the day

September 9, 2019

**As stated at end of the article; You can register here for both the information pack and also access to the footage from the event here: **




In April 2019 Coach Liam Flynn reached out to me to begin discussions on a unique event for Adelaide. He was sounding out my views on the value the event could add to Adelaide athletes, basketball in Adelaide in general, and if there would be value to college coaches, pro coaches for that matter, to evaluate prospects in the event.


 PICTURED: Coach Liam Flynn with members of the German All Star team in the league's All Star game, a game he was an Assistant Coach in.


Having been involved with the first-ever Basketball Australia CoE prospects combine (👉 Basketball Australia's College Prospects Combine) and attended the 2nd one as an observer two years after (👉 Basketball Australia Prospects Camp. About this camp and the first one; Where are they now?) I had seen how these kinds of exposure events work first hand and thought Liam's concept would be a great idea too.  Obviously, due to recruiting and evaluation windows coaches could not be present at this event so compiling quality information and footage from this non-live event was critical.


 PICTURED: Quite a number of talented athletes from Adelaide's Sudanese born Australian community took part in the CLF Showcase.  Here we have Ayual Garang pictured clearly.


The event Coach Flynn was proposing was going to showcase athletes from around South Australia and hopefully Australia, offer them some high-level player development, coaching and expose them to an environment where they were playing games and competing with each other as well. At the High Performance Hoops Network, we have had quite a few approaches for this kind of thing and generally, we’ve decided not to be involved. However, with the changes in the NCAA evaluation calendar for kids in AAU being reduced to only 1 week, the fact this event was to be set up by Coach Flynn, who is renowned for running outstanding player development events in Adelaide, as well as the talent levels currently in South Australia in the relevant age groups for this event we felt it would be an outstanding concept to support. We then approached a range of Division 1 college coaches for feedback on various aspects of the event and we were fortunate to receive some valued input from them.  It was decided that this event would really help athletes in Adelaide, and coaches abroad to recruit them, so Coach Flynn started putting it all together.


The event was advertised through social media, and each South Australian club had a person involved in providing talent ID insights and knowledge on the athletes within their club.  This support at club level was needed to both target talented guys for the showcase but also because we could only accept 40 participants, these people would help provide evaluations on the athletes to assist with selections.  As expected, the event was oversubscribed and these advisors were very useful in helping to select the most suitable applicants.  Probably without exception, barring injuries to a few guys,