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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Linda Hank | A parent's view on Division 1 college recruitment. Our daughter’s recruitment journey. What to expect, lessons learned, advice and insights.

January 31, 2019



Do you want to get real life, first hand insights onto the Division 1 college recruiting journey?


In this article we will capture the recruiting process and years leading up to that for Division 1 college basketball prospects!!


We provide you with firsthand insights from Coach Janx gained through the dozen or so athletes he and his team has worked closely with to support their journeys to division 1 college basketball.  We then will move into the focus of the article, a parent’s perspective.  The main body of the article has kindly been provided by Linda Hank whom, amazingly, has 2 children (Brent and Hannah) about to be playing Division 1 College basketball.


A great article for athletes and parents to learn about the journey of getting recruited, hints, tips, ideas and real life, firsthand examples.  If you want unique, personal insights from those truly in the know then this is definitely an article you need to read.


Preface by Janx…


Every athlete is different with their recruiting process.  How we support them, our relationship with them and their family is also always unique.  This is a great part of being small, working with elite youth prospects, based on personal relationships.  Invariably our work with featured athletes goes well beyond helping them with their pathways. Almost always they have played for us during their key development years so we genuinely care and are invested in their success on and off the floor.  We mould our services (always free by the way) around the athlete's needs and we can do that because we know them and their families so well and get an understanding of what they need and how they want to use us.


A good example is Lat.......


Ring, ring hello Andrew this is Mike Dunlap from Loyola Marymount University calling about Lat Mayen


PICTURED: Mike Dunlap during his days in the NBA coaching the Charlotte Bobcats.   


Ring, ring hello Andrew this is David Patrick from TCU calling about Lat Mayen