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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Andrew Jantke | Top 10 Blog Posts for 2018, thankyous and Happy New Year Message

December 26, 2018

What a phenomenal year of growth and development it has been for our featured athletes, colleagues working with me on developing this platform and our partners and friends.


We are proud of the 7 male featured athletes (plus also Uche Dibiamaka) playing division 1 college basketball this year. 1 more has committed for the 2019 season and we are confident our 9th will commit to a VERY BIG high major program sometime next year (watch this space!).


We wrote this article on the new commits for the 2018 season, "2018/19 season will be the most men in history at the Division 1 NCAA level, out of South Australia".  You can find out about their stories and journey in this article from our unique personal perspective and insights.


VIDEO | Featuring our featured athletes. 


On the girl’s side Luke Allen has done a stellar job.  He has assisted 4 outstanding female athletes in their Division 1 recruitment and commitments this year with a bunch of new girls currently being evaluated too, in order to become Featured Athletes.  The jump between Aussie female talent in Australia and Division 1 collegiate basketball is less than the boys and there are more females committing to division 1 programs from South Australia that we are able to work with.  We also want to congratulate all girls from South Australia playing and committing to division 1 programs.


We wish all of you a very merry Festive Season.  To our colleagues in the organisations we have been associated with this year be it the Sturt Sabres, Forestville Eagles, Adelaide 36ers and Basketball SA.  Those we consult and communicate throughout all the levels of the Australian pathways.  To all the South Australian clubs particularly those our featured athletes played for at Forestville, Norwood, South Adelaide, Sturt, Central Districts Lions.  The many college coaches we’ve interacted with throughout the year and built strong relationships with.  You all know who you are.  Thankyou.  We wish you all success, growth and experiences this year.


To our featured athletes, whose journey we’ve been blessed to take part in, as their coaches, friends, many of whom we consider family.  Continue to fall in love with the process, develop great relationships and epitomise the strong values we collectively espouse.

 VIDEO | Joey Wright, head coach of the Adelaide 36ers, speaks of  some of the types of values we espouse to (resilience, never giving up, fighting for what you believe in, no matter your size, having the biggest heart) These are the kinds of values that go to the heart and culture of the athletes we identify and want to work with that we hope will be the brand of all featured athletes.


We have not blogged as much as we’d like to this year but there have been some phenomenal guest bloggers and content as read by 1000s and 1000s in Australia and all over the world.  Thankyou to our many guest bloggers who have amazing stories to tell and learn and grow from.  Thanks to the collective experiences and knowledge, of our article contributors, our depth and firsthand insights and knowledge on basketball sets us apart from every other content provider in the country, when it comes to first hand information and insights.


Speaking of values of athletes and guest bloggers we were very fortunate to have Todd Matthews deliver an article titled, “Capturing the winning qualities of South Australian basketball”.  Todd talks about the values he has developed throughout his journey and the values of his most successful team mates.  As a former Norwood player and coach of many, many years it is exciting to see the stellar growth of the club again.  We’ve managed to meet with officials from the club throughout the year on various issues and the club’s business model is something that is impressive indeed.  We are seeing similar ongoing development, improvement and success in many other clubs in South Australia. 


We can only hope that our district competition structures, BSA High Performance programs can really capitalise on the phenomenal opportunities and strategic advantages in the external environment that exist now,  more than ever before.  Time will tell.