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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Rob Mason | My time at NBA Summer League. From the perspective of a Learning Scientist.

August 18, 2018

Intro by Janx......


In 2016 the NBA total revenue was approximately $6.5Billion, and NCAA College Basketball is worth about $2.6 Billion in revenue per year.  This is rapidly growing year on year at an amazing pace.  The revenue boom in these sports is in large part to broadcasting rights.  The modernization of our world, growing wealth of the world population means greater numbers of viewers and fans can access and follow the competitions these associations runs.


This money eventually filters through to organisations that run the sporting teams, that make up these leagues.  Winning and success on the court helps these organisations capture a greater share of that revenue, build their brand on a global scale and endear pride and excitement amongst stakeholders (owners, board members, fans, followers, sponsors etc).  As these clubs look for the edge to secure those outcomes more and more technical and professional specialists are being employed to ensure these clubs and teams have the edge over the competition.  Scientists, researchers, analysts, scouts, statisticians, Doctors, physical therapists etc. have an excellent pathway into sport now. 


An emerging leader in this field in the sport's industry in this country is Rob Mason.  He is particularly focused on coach-athlete verbal feedback in an elite sporting setting.  This experience and insight has seen him employed as a consultant to Port Adelaide Football Club, in the Australian Football League, looking at how feedback is provided to athletes in the program there from 1 on 1 player meetings, team meetings, training sessions, game day communication in the box.  He comes from a basketball background, being his sporting love, having coached at Diamond Valley in the Women’s program for a number of years. 


Rob recently headed to the United States on Coach Liam Flynn’s 3rd annual basketball tour.  Like past bloggers (By Tony Casella | Summer @ the NBA) Rob has kindly agreed to share his insights on this fantastic experience.  I can’t wait to hear of Rob’s unique insights on this tour, meetings he had, what he learned and how we can apply these ideas and information in our own coaching, as parents, and as athletes.


Over to Rob......


 PICTURED: The 2018 Liam Flynn tour group includes a few past bloggers.  3rd from left we see Jamie Phillips, who has been physio for SA Metro, U23 National Team and at Australian Boomers Camps (Blog here: