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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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Brad Newley | From SA to the AIS, to Europe, to the Olympics, and the NBL; Living the basketball dream

May 31, 2018

Preface by Janx…


This article is written by Tony Casella (TC), who recently had a chance to chat to Brad Newley about his career. I am sure TC will highlight Brad’s amazing journey but I wanted to give some context and insights on TC first.


TC is currently Head Coach of the Sturt Sabres Premier League Men’s team.  Premier League is the top state based league for South Australia. Sturt is a club renowned nationally for youth player development and the men’s program has long standing reputation of supporting home grown, youth talent. This year is no exception, with a great group of young men and savvy veterans produced from the Sturt junior program. The team is competing well so far against big budget clubs who have imports from overseas and interstate.


Like TC demands from his athletes, he is always focused on personal development and learning. Having already coached multiple national championship medal winning teams, he is always growing, TC is currently completing NBA Scout School training and has also attended the NBA Summer League Networking and Education tour in 2016 with Liam Flynn (By Tony Casella | Summer @ the NBA). 


I cannot thank TC enough for his work with basketball in South Australia over many years and more recently He has worked on our platform, provided introductions for me to various people in the network, created occasional blogs and acted a sounding board from time to time with talent evaluation for the kids looking to come into our network and also the featured athletes over in the US college system now.


This article provides great insights about Brad Newley, who is truly a world class player. He has taken a slightly alternate route of turning professional out of High School before moving into the European system.  TC provides a career breakdown on Brad’s pathway which includes personal insights from Brad, including the “secret” Boomers Vs Emus game, making the decision not to go to college and his European experience playing for some of the biggest programs in Europe. We hope provides knowledge and inspiration for kids coming through our system and an example of what a kid from Adelaide can achieve.


Over to TC…


Thanks Janx. I first met Brad in 1999 and was fortunate enough to coach him as a bottom age Under 18 player at Forestville. I saw international potential in him and was impressed by his work ethic and passion for basketball. We spent a lot of time together during that season doing individual trainings to improve all aspects of his game. We have stayed in touch over the years and continue our individual trainings in his off season. During a recent shooting session with Brad before the Commonwealth Games we caught up to discuss his journey.


Brad has had an amazing basketball career to date and is one of the best Australian players of his generation. He took the Australian pathway to develop his game via the CoE (Centre of Excellence, formally known as the AIS) and the NBL. The stability of the NBL, NBA Global Academy and CoE now makes this pathway an attractive option for elite junior athletes. Brad was drafted pick 54 by the Houston Rockets in 2007, spent 10 years in Europe playing as an import in Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and Spain then returned to the NBL to play for the Sydney Kings in 2016. Brad has also represented Australia at two Olympic Games, three FIBA World Cups and two Commonwealth Games. He continues to perform at a high level for the Boomers and shows no signs of slowing down.