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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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Nathan Sobey | Athletic development and some lessons for other killers out there. From one of the best.

May 13, 2018



 Pictured: “Aussie Westbrook”.  Sobey caricature.  Credit: Adam Ballinger art.



As I got to know Nathan’s psyche and what makes him tick I have decided to put him into my category of “killer”.  Someone that is a deep competitor, willing to live the life that will see him get better day after day, to be the best he can be.  “I always want to challenge myself to be better than the next person but also just want to be the best I can be”, says Sobey.  Nathan is always looking for that edge and using those that say “you can’t do it” or “you are not good enough to make this team or that league” as positive development tools, not the other way round.  “I love to prove people wrong” he says at one point in our chat.  This mindset sounds all too familiar with the athletes I’ve worked with that are featured at By the way, we recently wrote an article on athletes being cut and how to deal with the situation which you can see here; By Andrew Jantke | So, you have been cut? If not, you will be!!  


When you watch Nathan Sobey play you see someone that just plays the game with an amazing smoothness.  He is an incredible athlete, but able to play with that athleticism in control, the game looks like it is slowing down for him at times.  He is an athlete with a rare mix of great decision making and ability to see the game, all in synch.


VIDEO: Sobey with a rare mix of athleticsm, skills and determination has emerged as one of the best Aussies in the NBL.  NB: The great screen by past blogger Daniel Carlin at the 10 se