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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Damian Arsenis | The Story Behind The Pick and Roll’s #AussieHoops success

January 16, 2018

Preface By Janx….


 VIDEO: The Pick and Roll media channel has rapidly become a household media name in Australian basketball over 4 years.  Here we learn of the story of Pick and Roll and its leader, Damian Arsenis.


If you are talking in terms of information and promotion of the sport, Damian Arsenis and the media platform he helped launch, is a contemporary Australian success story in our sport.


We have long admired the articles and content because they are independent and capture the full gamut of Aussie Hoops from junior nationals through to Aussies in the NBA.  Clearly 10s of 1000s of the followers and readers of The Pick and Roll, all over the world, agree as it has grown into the largest independent online media platform in Australia.


There are very strong synergies between what we do at and the content Damian and The Pick and Roll provides. We are not entirely unbiased in our content and we are focussed on specific athletes; those that we have coached and have strong personal relationships with, with an educational and inspiring focus for youth athletes and their families in Australia.  Our content deep dives into the pathways, careers, learnings and efforts of athletes we work with and that agree to post blogs for us.  The Pick and Roll is independent, much broader in its coverage, and focussed on delivering news and articles.  Because of these synergies we have now partnered with The Pick and Roll to share each other’s content where relevant to our readers.


Getting to know Damian, he is a great guy who just wants to grow his platform for the good of the sport and continue to succeed.  We are very intrigued with his journey into this space how he and the team grew the platform to be so large and where he sees it into the future.


This is a great read for the 10s of 1000s followers of The Pick and Roll or anyone interested in reading a story of a start-up that grew into dominant player in the basketball media and information landscape, and one of the men who helped start it.


Over to Damian…..


Basketball is such an amazing sport. For me it is all involving, and all consuming. It has been a massive part of my life ever since I was pushed into playing as a near 7-year-old by my parents. It’s something I really should thank them for too, as I fell in love with the game. Despite having given up and sacrificed so much time, so many things across the past 35 years, basketball has given back plenty in return.


To be an elite player, you have to be either exceptional at one or more particular skills or areas of the game-- if not also possessing physical and mental attributes required in order to excel. I would consider myself as a pretty handy player back in my youth, and I had the pleasure of playing with and against some players who would go onto play as high as the NBL. However I knew by my teens that I was never going to be elite. Instead I chose to become what I call a ‘basketball all-rounder’.