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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By (Big) Joe Tertzakian | My life - the great ride so far, lessons, tidbits and ideas for ALL

December 15, 2017

Preface by Janx....


I remember the large fellow that used to stand behind the Brisbane Bullets bench on all their road trips.


We all thought he was the owner, as he seemed to just carry himself a certain way.  Despite his weight he still had that air of regal leadership about him.


 PICTURED: Joe back in the day at the Gold Coast Blaze.  Legend of the game, loved by all, brings successful culture where ever he goes.


Years later, recently, I was lucky enough to work with this same man.  Joe is someone that you hear so much good stuff about you just wonder if it is all true.  The work ethic, the care for others by actions, sometimes a tough talker, you know you don't want to cross him but that is the qualities of a great leader sometimes.  As our Operations Manager, Manager, Leader whatever for our U18 State team he was outstanding.  I place the positive experience we provide athletes with as almost as important as winning.  We have to develop talent and if the kids love their experience and get great value from the journey they are going to work harder to experience that again and will continue to love the game, which will greatly aid in their development in my view.  That was the case with our state group that Joe was involved with in 2017.  In our exit interviews all players that had done state before rated it as their most enjoyable state experience and those that had not done nationals before stated it was their best basketball experience so far.  I personally credit Joe for a lot of this as well as the players and the rest of my staff on that trip


 PICTURED: Joe with the U18 SA Metro Men's team in the 2017.  Phenomenal work ethic, outstanding leader of men, organisation plus and outdoes himself each day in the kitchen.  "Get out of my kitchen!"


Joe told us at our first meeting when we arrived at our accommodation: "If you do the right thing, keep it real, you are going to have the times of your lives."  That we all did and Joe was one of the key reasons why the journey was valued by ALL.  Delivering on his promise against a backdrop of some on court struggles was even more challenging but he did deliver.  Everything went like clockwork.  Players were on time to meetings, focussed on the off court processes throughout, the meals were awesome, no one was allowed to help with the cleaning, players were happy, it was a great vibe.  What are the key things he does to create this environment?  Any ideas that team managers could apply?


I remember at our technical meeting Joe in his normal comedic self says as we get out the car, quoting Ron Burgandy, &quo