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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Michael Humphrys | Team first mentality: As a player or coach what does that really mean?

December 10, 2017

Preface by Janx….


Here you will find athletes and people with a "Team first mentality".


Over the past 18 months South Australia has had more men gain scholarships in Division 1 NCAA than ever in history (blog here: History made in South Australian Basketball - FOUR Athletes Commit to NCAA Div 1 Men's programs in the 2017 class).  All the 7 (so far) division 1 commits out of South Australia for 2017 and 2018 (bar Uche Dibiamaka who left South Australia to play High School basketball in the United States) have been featured athletes on this platform. 


I was fortunate to coach Uche in the state program, also for a brief period at the basketball club I currently coach at, the Sturt Sabres.  He has also has blogged ( By Uche Dibiamaka | A journey of commitment, passion and development from Aussie pathways through to the US High School pathway) for us , and his coaches at his new college for 2017 (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) checked with us for a reference on Uche, also certainly took interest in learning more about Uche via the blog too.  You could almost say Uche was a "behind the scenes" featured athlete. is gaining a reputation for being a go to entity for Division 1 men's and women's college coaches seeking great players. 


Over time we are becoming a key clearinghouse for college coaches to check for, learn about, gain insights on high quality college prospects.  A way for college programs to validate players with a phenomenal work ethic, tough, confident, that love the game, coach-able, high IQ division 1 college prospects, that will help build winning programs.  It started (blog on how and why we started: By Andrew Jantke |  have no idea "what" but I can tell you "why") by me wanting to help and support the great kids I was fortunate to work with both in my coaching roles at Sturt Sabres and subsequent to that in the South Australian State Representative program. 


On a personal level, offering athletes the opportunity to be a featured athlete is a means for me to reward the kids I coach that are division 1 prospects, and also continuously put their team's success first.  Kids that understand that through their team success they will have a much bette