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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Alan McAughtry | Collaboration, working together and communication; when assisting elite athletes in their development journey in today's era

July 1, 2017

Preface by Janx…..


I’ve been fortunate lately to pick the brains of and hear insights from Alan McAughtry. He is someone who I have known of for some time having seen him in action, coaching, when I went over to Germany to watch the first ever U17 World Championships, WNBL programs, at the Melbourne Classics and National Championships over the years.  He has also recently returned to Australia from a coaching stint in the NZNBL. He has vast experience coaching in the Victorian State , NITP and High Performance system and has been Director of Coaching at Diamond Valley for the past 8 years.


 PICTURED: In recent years Diamond Valley has had a significant number of players represent Australia, go to high level colleges and join WNBL programs.  McAughtry has been Director of Coaching at this club during this time and whilst he is proud of the success of the player's in the program, he openly credits their work ethic, with their families' support, for the success.  Along with many coaches in their journey.


I was lucky to have the opportunity to recently catch up with Alan in Melbourne to discuss all things Hoops and one of the things I found very interesting in our conversations was about managing, collaborating and working with all the parties that are involved in developing elite athletes.  School basketball, individual workouts, Domestic Associations,  rep club commitments, NITP, National Teams, Other Sports, school work, strength and conditioning, CoE camps, college recruiters and coaches, agents and scouts etc etc all pulling at athletes timewise, emotionally and physically.


Whilst he has worked on the staff on a number of national teams, worked in NITP, he has also worked with a significant number of Aussies reps at the club level.  So he has an understanding of the needs of all the various perspectives and needs of these levels and how they relate to the needs of athletes.


I myself have personally experienced the occasional issues around lack of collaboration, cohesiveness, towards ideal outcomes for the athlete and have some advice and thoughts in context to the subject of this blog.  


There are 3 categories of stakeholders here; the athlete and their "support team", the high performance coaches, the external providers.


The athlete and the "support team":

My advice to athletes and their families are to seek out a limited numb