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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Jayden Krieg | NORTH'S NBA week. About the week, why we are running it and how YOU can be a part of it

June 21, 2017

 Preface By Janx..... 


PICTURED:  Flyer for the event. This development camp probably has the most high profile coaches and camp leaders of any openly accessible development camp in Australia, ever. is not a commercial site.  Why we exist is plastered on the homepage of this site so we won't repeat here.


Whilst we listen-to and engage with everyone we are not commercial, so what may be an opportunity to those seeking a buck does not apply to us.  We are not a commercial venture and as such if these "opportunities" do not provide value to our featured athletes, or our valued readers and followers, then we are going to say thanks but no thanks to most of these opportunities on offer.  I state this to make it clear this post bears no commercial benefit to us at all.  


Occasionally an opportunity comes along that we just have to share the information on.  This is one such opportunity and I have asked Jayden Krieg to fill us all in on.


We have asked Jayden to blog on the event he is supervising for a combination of 4 reasons.  

  1. The NSBA (organisers of the event) have offered our network and followers a DISCOUNT which we greatly appreciate

  2. The organisation (NSBA) he works for is one of the largest and most respected Basketball Associations in Australia.  Over years I've coached against and seen so much talent out of his association.  I have a lot of respect for the NSBA. During my time as Director of Coaching with Central Districts Lions I did scour the Bear's website for coaching handbooks, drills and even policies to provide me with inspiration and ideas at the Lions.  The NSBA organisation are impressive!!

  3. The event in question includes some of the best basketball players out of Australia playing in the WNBA and NBA, plus a very intriguing American born player in Chris "Birdman" Anderson.

  4. We will always be keen to try to help any organisation that is not for profit association, affiliated to the peak sporting body in their respective state.

In this blog Jayden provides insights beyond the "standard advert" for this event.   We want any reader interested in this event to get value by reading this blog but also anyone interested in how a successful organisation like NSBA is led, as well as insights on how to organise such a grand scale event.  We also find out why they setup this event and what they hope to achieve.  I’m fascinated to hear how they managed