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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Kelvin Taylor | Navigating the college recruiting minefield

May 31, 2017


Preface by Janx.....


Kelvin Taylor is one of the people that are in the business of Hoops for the right reason and goes about it in the right way. His objective is to help others and to support Australian basketball development, growth with good ethics, transparency and honesty. He is VERY good at it too. 


He has been incredibly helpful in offering insights and advice to me since I started on this journey, along with the featured athletes on this site, and also to help me support all the athletes I work with. His networks have been outstanding and the people he has introduced me to have been excellent to work with too and in turn have offered more insights, advice and opened more doors for the guys I coach. Infact one of the men he introduced me to (who shall remain nameless) at a high major D1 program (one of the most famous in the business) was instrumental in having a coach recruit one of the featured athletes who recently committed to the D1 school of that coach.


All our featured athletes are introduced to Kelvin and I believe all have registered themselves on his database. A number of leads for them has been generated via this listing in some great programs and that is only the schools that have actually advised us they found the athletes on his database. There may well be some leads that came from the database we don’t know about. I know he has helped many kids in Australia get to Division 1 schools and I’m intrigued to hear more about any lessons along the way.


Kelvin is someone I trust because of his experience, insights and knowledge on college basketball. In recent years he has been organising tours for colleges to come to Australia to play Australian club teams. These services I feel are part of the next wave of opportunities. The chance for D1 schools to actually play against prospects could open up more opportunities.  Featured athlete, Isaac White, playing against UCLA and University of Washington in Sydney for example gave him a great test to see if he could play in the Pac-12 (where he will play for Stanford from this season).


When we started our relationship I did some research on Kelvin and reference checking. The process was extremely positive. He, or “Showtime” as some refer to him as, has a great reputation. He has been in the business for about 15 years now and run almost 100 tours to the United States. During this journey he coached against schools like St Marys, Washington State, Indiana, Minnesota, San Diego State and others. He regularly emails or messages me from many schools in America and I would guess he has visited almost half of the division 1 schools in America. I avoid telling athletes which school they should go to, that is not my skillset but I do uncover quantifiable facts on coaches and programs. I do do a lot of research. Kelvin has been a great help in this space providing me with research and factual, quantifiable insights on more than a couple occasions.


I can’t wait to read Kelvin’s insights on this matter, which I hope will help all readers in selecting a great college program and fit.


Over to Kelvin.....