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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Paul Mesecke | Men's Rankings (PER) from U18 National Championships

May 19, 2017





After the great response from our PER rankings from the U20 Championships, we have decided that this might be just as useful for the U18 Championships (this tournament includes the best class of 2018-2020 talent in Australia) so we can track how they change over time, as these players move up into the U20 Championship.  We feel that these PER rankings and commentary will provide value to players, coaches in the tournament, observers nationally and US College coaches looking to find Aussie talent.


We are aware of the sensitivity of naming a player under the age of 18 and as such we only name the top 20 players from the tournament, rather than data for all players. We are merely taking the stats for players already named on the BA website and applying what we consider to be a more balanced statistical analysis than scoring and rebounding titles.


Again, we are using a purely statistical analysis to avoid perceived bias bought about purely from opinion. We are using the same ranking system from the previous tournament, where the stats for everyone are weighted and then by the number of minutes each individual player has on the court. We think that this is the best method of avoiding some players being involved in more games, or as we have seen in this tournament, players missing large parts of a game due to early injury. This is then adjusted for each team’s individual pace of play.


Plus, as coaches ourselves, we wouldn’t want players focused on their stats, but rather on doing what their coach asks to help their team win. This can especially be true of isolated scoring titles being used as a basis of performance, which Basketball Australia provide through livestats.  PER emphasises efficiency and can be adjusted for minutes played and pace of game and is negatively affected by those players taking and missing a lot of shots. It is very interesting that the top 3 teams also had the bulk of the highest-ranking players, showing that the players with the highest PER rankings contribute to WINNING.