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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Liam Flynn | International insights and experience applied to top junior, Aussie representative basketball

October 21, 2016

Forward by Janx


This is a great Q&A with Liam Flynn that coaches and players at all levels will get a lot of knowledge and information from. There would be very few coaches in the country with his breadth and depth of experience at all levels.  Liam Flynn is one of the top young coaches in Australia, who made the transition into elite, senior basketball, very successfully, several years ago.


I was lucky enough to coach under Liam for 2 years at State level and I learned so much whilst under him.  During this period I also saw him contribute significantly to the development of a number of players such as Daniel Carlin, Nathan Spehr, Joel Spear, Ryan Clark, Sam Daly, Isaiah Omamogho into international caliber players at junior level, before going onto have VERY successful college careers.


His work ethic, ability to teach the game, tactical nous is first class.  He has a real ability to breakdown film to extract x's and o's from elite juniors through to the NBA.  His mix of knowledge in the ever-growing field of statistical analysis is very much at the next level.   When you play or coach for him if you have any sense of morals you work extremely hard for the team when the coach is working as hard as what Liam does.


Recently Liam spent some time back in Adelaide where he lived before moving overseas to coach in the professional leagues in Australia (NBL) Germany (BBL and ProA) and New Zealand (NZNBL).  He also runs a business consulting with all levels of basketball - from NBA teams in international scouting, all the way down to local clubs in coach education and program development.


Liam, I feel, can offer some very unique insights on his recent coaching experience.  He has just spent a few months coaching juniors back at the club he had spent many years at previously, and is a Life Member at, the Sturt Sabres.  This season his team succeeded at both the national level, making the Grand Final of the prestigious National Junior Classics in Melbourne, winning the state of South Australia Winter Season  U18 Championship.  


In this Q&A he gives some extremely interesting insights as he has so much experience with high level, pro teams and programs and how he applied his knowledge and skills at the elite junior level.




Over to Liam......


What have you been up to lately?


This past basketball season, I was lucky to be able to coach my third year in Germany at a small club in the Bundersliga called Tubingen.  Passionate fans, beautiful little city, high quality basketball.  When the season finished in April, I headed