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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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A global focus on South Australian basketball - how do we become a part of it?

October 4, 2016



Given  the level of recruitment going on in South Australia for the featured athletes on this site I felt it was an opportune time to mention this and provide a discourse on becoming a part of  


The featured athletes have a lot of work to do and improvement to achieve success. However, the main point to make here is there is no way that our state's elite basketballers will entirely sneak under the D1 or D2 radar in the College system as may have been the case in the past.


Recruitment of SA talent reaching a historically unprecedented level


Readers may not realise this but the recruitment of SA athletes is actually at an unprecedented level at the moment.  A relatively significant number of D1 college coaches in this, and last, recruiting period have visited athletes at their school or home, depending on the grade of the athlete.  One coach who went deep in the NCAA tournament last year even stated "Of all the times I have visited Australia this is one of the rare times I've been to Adelaide, and the first time I have bypassed Melbourne".  These are not small schools either, from mid major to high major D1 programs.


Many may not realise that schools in every single conference across D1 College basketball has considered, recruited and is interested in SA talent right now. I would not suggest it is a 1/3rd of the schools, more like as many as 1/2 of schools in the D1 NCAA that has looked at our talent and most have registered varying levels of interest in the young men out of South Australia (featured athletes) . Pretty much all of the coaches at the recent BA Elite Athletes Combine, which had about 25 D1 College coaches in attendance, would have had the bulk of the SA athletes involved highlighted on their scouting sheets.  As the basketballers move into eventually choosing their programs and start their college careers I feel the credibility of basketball in this state will only continue to build and generate even more interest for the kids coming through now.


How can I join if I am a college coach?


If you are a college coach you simply need to register your interest, register for our newsletter updates and/or recruit our featured athletes and then you are a part of our network - Simple.  Be aware that we don't tell kids which schools to go to but can validate and verify any information on your program you provide and pass that on.  We also want to make sure you are informed, knowledgeabl