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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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By Paul Mesecke | Lessons on College Pathways – With a focus on great females that have come through - Also announcing plans to feature female athletes

September 25, 2016




Preface by Janx


Paul Mesecke has agreed to be the first "partner".  Those that closely know the evolution of this would not be surprised of Paul's involvement in this capacity, he has been involved throughout the whole process as the idea evolved continuously into the platform it has become today.


I'm honored and humbled to have Paul involved, Paul may well be one of the very top junior coaches in the country in terms of depth of experience, success and background.  He has provided great support for many coaches and players throughout Australia, including some of the players featured on this site.


Paul has just completed a role during a period of unprecedented success in South Australia where he was Operations Manager at Sturt from 2000 to 2016, with the exception of 2003, when he was based at the Australian Institute of Sport as a coach, during his time at Sturt the club was the number 1 ranked club in the state every single year, except 2012.  He has also coached SA Metro sides, winning medals at National Championships, a rare feat indeed given our state’s small population base.


Paul will be taking care of the Elite Women's side of the site for girls playing in the state of South Australia.  He has a lot of experience in working with elite players that have gone onto play college basketball and maintaining positive, successful, working relationships with those players once they are in the college system and supporting and guiding them in their journey to get there.  


As an introduction to this new stream for I have asked him to blog on the elite girls that have come through South Australian Hoops in recent years and how they got there.  The athletes mention were more than happy to have their stories and lessons learned to help other athletes (the same ideas generally apply to male and female athletes).


I am looking forward to Paul's contribution and am currently open to hear from "partners" interstate in Elite Male, Elite Female or Emerging Talent categories.


Paul is currently based in Singapore and so will have the challenge of working remotely from the featured athletes but I feel with Paul's work ethic, knowledge, networks, experience and skillsets it will compensate for the mitigating factor of distance.  After U18 Nationals next April the site will undergo some minor changes to include the female featured athletes and in the meantime some of the female athletes below (who have kindly agreed to be referred to in this article) will be developing some blogs on their experience.


Over to Paul......


Over the past 15 years, due to my role in basketball, I have been involved in athletes and their recruitment into different levels of US college basketball. For different athlete’s I have taken different levels of involvement depending on  their needs.

What I have learnt here is that there is no one ‘right’ process. As different players have different opportunities for exposure the athlete has to promote themselves and their abilities to the schools which are willing to recruit them.

Angela Marino was the first player who I was coaching that was recruited to college. She had just had a setback after missing out on selection to the AIS and was looking at her options. A coach visited Australia for his first visit and made a point of coming to Adelaide to meet Angela and recruit her too his school. We all met for lunch and listened to his recruitment pitch. It was clear that he was very interested in her attending his school. We had regular contact for the next 9 months while