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Top 10 blog and article posts for 2017 and Festive Season thankyou message

December 24, 2017

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Great coaching teams

June 3, 2016



First of all.   Massive rookie mistake.   In my last blog, what is Janx'Ball, I said:


When you are risk averse , you build supreme confidence in players, the players have a vision for their future and you teach them HOW to play, not WHAT to play that is JanxBall. 


This was a typo, well poor understanding of the english langauge actually.  I meant to say (and have now changed it to say):


When you are willing to take risks, allow risks, you build supreme confidence in players, the players have a vision for their future and you teach them HOW to play, not WHAT to play that is JanxBall. 


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Onto Great Coaching Teams



I feel that one of the things I want to do on this site is to provide the opportunity to recognise my players, but also those coaches and supporters that have provided great value to the teams I have coached.


This blog is probably one of those that won't be much relevance for many reading it, unless you are in SA and close to these guys.  It may provide some advice for those taking on an Assistant Coaching role.  It is a bit self indulgent just to give some people thanks that have been great value for the teams I have coached recently.


I feel like I have been so lucky with some amazing Assistant Coaches and Supporters lately I needed to mention a few on this blog.


What does it take to be a good Assistant in my mind?:

1. Ability to build rapport with players.  Coaches sometimes need to make tough decisions with selections, court time or player roles.  They need to be able to push and drive players, sometimes to the edge, to higher levels.  Assistants need to be the one players sometimes feel comfortable with going to with problems or issues.  Players need to be happy, respected but respectful and I need an Assistant that fills these qualities, leading by example.

2. Work ethic.   I work hard and demand that of those around me or you will be shoved aside.  You will not have my respect if you don't have a work ethic as a coach.

3. Ability to understand other people's x's and o's and philosophies.   It is easy to understand your own.  It is often what you were bought up with and it has evolved for you. However, to rapidly analyse and process understand another coaches is not easy.  They also have to add value to what we are doing which makes it even more challenging, to add value whilst still sticking to the basic philosophies we are putting in place.

4. Likeability.   They have to be good to be around.  You spend so much time together in challenging situations and you need to like being with each other, otherwise it becomes distraction from the tasks at hand.


I wanted to take a chance to thank a few men I have been very luck to work with over the past couple of years.  Their value to the teams I have coached have been immense.  Their basketball IQ is brilliant and they have been great relationship builders with the whole team players and fellow coaches alike, something that is a must for any Assistant in my opinion.  I've enjoyed working with them all immensely.


2014/15 U18 Sturt Sabres Men 


I'll start with Paul Rigoni and Todd Gower.  These 2 men have phenomenal basketball minds.  I still don't know how I snagged them BOTH to work with my Sturt group last year.  


Paul Rigoni has put so much into Sturt, was an U20 State coach and long time State League/ABL/Premier League player.   He has long coached junior teams at Sturt and anyone that knows SA Hoops knows how good Sturt's coaches are and the success/expertise that these coaches, like Rags, bought to the the table.  His ability to scout opponents during and pre-game is up there with the best I have seen.


Toddy was a former NBL team member, State League/ABL/Premier League championship winner and won a national NCAA title with Metro State College of Denver.   An amazing achievement and anyone that knows about College Hoops will understand.   He was running trainings by the end of the year, and largely throughout, making most of our player